How would you describe the warden in holes?

How would you describe the warden in holes?

The Warden is a villainous and menacing person. She enforces the rules by threatening to scratch offenders with her nails, which are polished with rattlesnake venom. The Warden never gets the buried treasure. She is forced to close Camp Green Lake and sell her land, which eventually becomes a Girl Scout Camp.

What did the warden look like?

A tall woman with red hair stepped out of the passenger side. She looked even taller than she was, since Stanley was down in his hole. She wore a black cowboy hat and black cowboy boots which were studded with turquoise stones.

Who was holding the flashlight in holes?

Chapter 45 The Warden is with Mr. Pendanski, who is holding a flashlight, and Mr. Sir, who is holding a gun. The Warden starts to say something, and then the beam of the flashlight falls on a yellow-spotted lizard.

What did Camp Green Lake look like?

Camp Green Lake is described. It is no longer a lake because over a hundred years ago the lake dried up and the people who lived around it moved away. Now the lake is a dry and barren land where the temperature is usually about ninety- five degrees.

Is the warden in holes a woman?

The Warden is shown to have been digging holes as she grows up and does nothing else other than trying to finish the work of looking for the treasure of Kissin’ Kate Barlow (Katherine Barlow)….

The Warden (Louise Walker)
Gender Female
Race American
Status Alive
Location Prison

Is the warden in Holes a woman?

Why is Hector called zero?

Zero, whose real name is Hector Zeroni, is a camper at Camp Green Lake who is given the nickname ‘Zero’ because of his perceived lack of intelligence. Zero is illiterate, which means that he can’t read or write, but he is a whiz at math and a clever thinker.