How to turn off a datatool alarm?

How to turn off a datatool alarm?

There is no user way of disabling it fully, short of removing it. swampy wrote: On mine (datatool system 3) you need to arm it with the small round button (2x beeps), and hold the oval button till you hear the screech to put into transit mode.

How do you use a Datatool alarm?

To fully arm the alarm system to give movement, nudge, trigger switch and battery back-up coverage, press the GREY button on the remote control within 45 seconds of turning the ignition off. The indicators will flash twice.

How to remove datatool 3 alarm?

if you can disarm it , turn ignition on and press and hold the disarm button again until it beeps. this will put it into service mode which wont imobilise the bike or set the alarm. remove the fuse and the alarm battery will eventually go flat over a day or 3.

What is datatag security?

Datatag is a Police Preferred Secured by Design product which makes your property or vehicle much easier to identify, therefore reducing its desirability to thieves by effectively making your security marked property “Too Hot to Handle!”

How do you remove a scooter alarm?

Cut the wires that connect the alarm to the the scooter and remove the alarm. The alarm might need to be unscrewed or unbolted to get it off the scooter. Tape the exposed ends of the wire with electrical tape to prevent short circuits and battery draining. Make sure you wrap the end entirely, leaving no metal exposed.

What are Ewm alerts?

Remember though that the vibration alerts are only for the EWM (Early Warning Messages), and won’t put the system into full alert unless no GPS signal can be established, in which case the call-centre will contact you.

How do I check my Datatag?

You can find these numbers printed on the paperwork that came with your Home Marking system.

How good is Datatag?

Marking bikes with the Datatag system has proved highly effective at deterring thieves as the police can quickly and easily trace the parts to the original bike. Luscombe explains how a recent industry-wide push for more marking has seen a massive reduction in thefts.