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This web site has three main purposes:

To provide you with resources and processes for hosting good conversations. We provide these resources to encourage you to begin hosting conversations, or to strengthen the conversations you've already begun.

To highlight the many places and initiatives that are using conversational processes to do their work. There are so many conversation-based projects underway around the world that it's difficult to keep this list updated! And it is by no means complete. We wanted you to know that there is a world in conversation, and that there are many people who have already pioneered the way. As you begin your own conversations, you are not alone, but part of a growing global community using conversations in their work and lives.

To find kindred spirits to connect with and to learn from as you share your experiences with one another.

Site Map

About the Book describes in more detail the book that generated this website, Turning to One Another: Simple Conversations to Restore Hope to the Future. This book is now in a new and expanded Second Edition and has been translated into 7 languages and counting.

Conversation How-Tos offers some very simple means to start a conversation. We've kept these as simple as possible. We also list three excellent resources, Art of Hosting, for learning many conversational processes; PeerSpirit for a method for hosting deep conversations; The World Cafe for how to host intimate and meaningful conversations in large groups. Their websites provide detailed information for learning these specific methods.

World in Conversation offers links to many conversation-based projects and organizations around the world. On each of their websites, you can learn in great detail how conversation is being used to further their work.

Learnings and Stories is a place to learn of others' experiences, and to share your own. More information will follow on this exciting new section.

About the Author, Margaret Wheatley provides biographical information about Margaret Wheatley. For even more information, speaking calendar, podcasts, videos and other products featuring Margaret Wheatley’s work, please go to www.margaretwheatley.com. You can also download any of more than 60 articles posted there for free.